"Because of MTSsoftware, my underachieving students were finally able to find success in reading and writing. The immediate response the students received from the program as to their success and the valuable information provided to me as to the areas needing improvement, was a valuable tool in developing lesson plans to suit my students individual educational needs."

Ms. Michelle Brower, National Board Certified Teacher - Jefferson Parish Public Schools (Louisiana)

"East Carroll Parish School Board, NCLB Title I, has used MTSsoftware for several years in two (2) of its elementary schools. As a result, each year both of these schools have attained or exceeded the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as required by the Louisiana State Department of Education. One of the elementary schools reached exemplary status for the 2007-2008 school year. The company has provided and continues to provide excellent software and support. If you would like additional information please contact me."

Ms. Helen Millikin-Hilliard, Director of Federal Programs - East Carroll Parish Schools (Louisiana)


MTS Tutorial Service

"It is my pleasure to recommend MTS Tutorial Service as a provider of Supplemental Educational Services for Tennessee public schools. MTS has demonstrated a commitment to the total school program. They have been trustworthy, focused, and diligent. MTS offers a computer based program. This computer assisted program is strengthened by individual and small group instruction. Our school is making gains and we believe that MTS is a valuable asset to Ewing Park Middle School. The professional relationship between MTS and Ewing Park Middle School is exceptional. I highly recommend this tutorial service to any school system."

Jeanna Collins, Principal - Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (Tennessee)

"This is a program that is in full collaboration with lessons and skills taught by the classroom teacher. The program is precise, focused, and teacher friendly. Lessons are targeted to improve student achievement and are frequently adjusted to meet the individual needs of each student. In addition, each lesson is aligned to our state's Grade Level Expectations. This allows tutors to be more prescriptive when preparing for specific tutoring sessions that take place in conjunction with the software exercises. During these specific tutoring sessions, tutors teach students on their personalized achievement level. The management system provides up-to-date reports on students' mastery of each skill. Reports can be shared with parents, students, administrators, tutors, and other necessary school personnel. Our population of students has shown great progress since the utilization of this program began."

Shaneka Burnett, Mentor Teacher - Ascension Parish Public Schools (Louisiana)

"MTS Tutorial Service, Inc. provides hands-on professional development that allows the tutor to customize the instruction for each student's individual needs. The individualized instruction provides students with personal success, which builds not only academic skills but also self-esteem. The students are excited and proud to present their reports to their families, because they personally see the progress they have made while using MTSsoftware. Whether a tutor or parent, you can always depend on the support and professionalism of the MTS Tutorial Service Company and staff.

I am pleased to report that 100% of the students served at our school last year increased their reading and/or mathematics achievement on the state assessments."

Felicia Powell, Teacher - Chilton County Board of Education (Alabama)