The Program We Use

MTSsoftware® is an Integrated Instructional System (IIS) that includes both curriculum and management components designed and developed around sound research and best practices. The program supports student learning in grades Kindergarten through Eighth in the areas of English/Language Arts and Mathematics.

The software lesson content, supplemented with printed lessons, constitutes the curriculum. The management system consists of the assessments and reporting system. Teachers use the IIS to monitor the students' progress and adjust instruction accordingly. For students who need specialized attention, individually or in small groups, supplemental MTS Lessons may be used along with other resources such as video/DVD, software academic games, manipulatives, multi-media projects, textbooks, and trade books.

MTSsoftware® Curriculum Components

Kindergarten through Eighth Grade:

English / Language Arts


Reading Comprehension

  • Factual Meaning
  • Inferential Meaning
  • Evaluative Meaning
  • Reading Strategies


  • Mechanics
  • Usage
  • Expression
  • Integrated Writing and Editing

Word Study

  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Word Analysis



Problem Solving






Patterns, Numeration,
and Number Relationships


Concepts and Computation




Statistics and Probability

The instructional design of an Integrated Instructional System (IIS), including MTSsoftware®, is based on individual student need. MTSsoftware® lesson content reinforces core skills and concepts as well as promotes critical thinking skills. Each lesson is tailored for the specific learning level of the student and builds in a sequential manner allowing on-going feedback to administrators, teachers, parents and students. MTSsoftware® is designed to support curriculum-teaching where instruction is targeted at test-represented content. The software curriculum is aligned with national test objectives including CTB/McGraw Hill, Harcourt and Riverside Publishing.

The software lessons are consistent with current national curriculum standards, including the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and the International Reading Association (IRA). Additionally, MTSsoftware® lessons are directly aligned with Common Core Standards (CCSS) states': benchmarks, grade level expectations (GLE's), and student performance indicators (SPI's).

Both the Research-Based Statement and the Evidence of Effectiveness are available for district personnel as well as school administrators. Please contact us for more information.