Professional Development

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MTSsuccess® is the comprehensive professional development component that is designed and developed from research and proven practices necessary to increase student achievement in a standards based classroom/system. MTSsuccess® is based on the Correlates of the Effective School, the International Society for Technology in Education Standards and the components required for a comprehensive school reform model. It is consistent with the National Staff Development Council Standards and the National PTA Standards for Parental Involvement. The professional development is a process that provides curriculum-specific applications, collegial learning, collaboration, active participation of teachers, hands-on technology use with ongoing technical assistance, support and evaluation.

MTSsuccess® components are:

Analyzing Student Work
Participants learn to analyze student work in order to determine each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses for the purpose of improving each student’s achievement level and improving their instructional process.

Designing Curriculum from Standards
Standards based instruction is approached through a backwards planning process employing content, performance, and opportunity to learn standards to increase student achievement.

Differentiated Instruction
This training session helps teachers move toward teaching students at their points of readiness, interest, and learning modality. Guidance is provided for teachers to develop and facilitate instruction in response to the needs of all learners.

MTSsoftware® Training
Participants learn how to use the MTS Admin management system in MTSsoftware®. This training also includes use of the student application, MTS Player.

Parental Involvement
This session identifies the national standards (PTA) and helps teachers ascertain techniques to involve parents in the educational process.

Technology Integration
The importance of integrating technology into the curriculum is reviewed. Strategies for the utilization of technology in the classroom are provided.

All professional development sessions are interactive, job-embedded, and research based.